viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

Spanish language school on the way to one of the most beautiful little town of Spain

Language students get to witness the idyllic “little Venice” of Valencia

Valencia. To spend the morning with sun, marvelous buildings and with the feet in the sea, can a dream be more beautiful? The Spanish language students of a language school of Valencia will answer that question with “no”, hence they were given the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in Port Saplaya. Located about eight kilometers north of Valencia Port Saplaya offers nice, peaceful open squares, colorful houses, and a beautiful beach – pure idyll.

Therefore the language students where pacing through the little alleys admiring the with love constructed apartments, crossing squares with restaurants and walking alongside the harbor. Motorboats where side by side with sailing boats and the city’s nickname “little Venice” was self-explaining with that view. The whole town was built around this little harbor.

While admiring the little city the students were able to improve their Spanish skills and get to know each other better. After leaving the area around the harbor new friends joined to spend the rest of the time at one of the popular beaches, others kept on wandering through the little town and relaxed afterwards on the rocks by the sea. Here they met fishers who were listening to typical Spanish music, therefore giving the language students the opportunity to learn even more about the Spanish culture and improving the Spanish vocabulary.

Way too early it was time for the students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia to go back to the bus. Last pictures were taken here before returning to Valencia. It was perfect start of the day and preparation for the course in the afternoon, where they could share their experiences in Spanish with the whole class. 

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