lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

A day like in a movie – summer, sun, pool party as a Spanish language student in Valencia

Language students enjoy a typical Spanish pool party

Valencia. Who does not know the movies in which a group of young people host a pool party with everything that goes with it – good food, good music, good mood and drinks. But when is the opportunity given to really life a scene of a movie like this? Besides the big property, someone who organizes everything is needed, just as much as good weather, the right people and high spirits.

Spanish language students of a language school in Valencia found all of this. On the outskirts of the city a country house is located which offers everything which is needed to celebrate a Spanish fiesta. Thanks to good connections from the language school the students were able to spend the whole day in the sun spoiled with typical Spanish food and two welcoming cocktails, which already set the mood for the fiesta. A big piece of ham, delicious cheese, Salami and Baguette were provided for the small appetite. Afterwards a homemade Fideuà was served, a dish which is typical for Valencia. The students were able to help themselves to the Spanish specialties the whole day. Meanwhile they practiced their Spanish by talking to other people and refreshed themselves in the cool water of the pool. New friends were quickly found, either in little groups on the grass to get some tan or at the bar, where it was even simpler to get involved in Spanish conversations.

More was to come in the afternoon, after every Spanish language student was saturated another table opened up with a variety on soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Therefore everybody became exactly what they were looking for. Everything in a moderate manner the language students got to know new people, new friendships were built which should last for the whole time spend in the language course.

Accompanied by Spanish music some of the students benefited from the moment and danced some Salsa and learned new Spanish dances. On the pool party of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia it did not matter anymore where you were from, how old you are or what you normally do. Regardless of being a language teacher or a language student, of being friends or strangers, 
Everybody had a lot of fun and enjoyed every second of the day. As the people little by little went on their way home towards Valencia they said their farewells with a smile on their faces, happy to be able to have experienced this Spanish Fiesta with good people. 

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