martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

An evening in Valencia – or rather Hawaii?

Spanish language students from Valencia visit a Hawaiian surf party

 Valencia. To go surfing without going into the sea, swallowing salty water and returning to the beach frustrated, sounds like something impossible. But on the Hawaiian surf party it worked out. Spanish language students of a language school in Valencia were given the opportunity to go on such a party at a public pool in Valencia. The doors of the location opened at night again and the students were welcomed with music, pineapple and watermelon – a perfect start for a perfect night!

As the language students sat down on the grass they had time to take a closer look: starting at one pool, where a big ball was thrown around. Over to another, where the visitors could kayak and paddle and finally an installation where the visitors could surf – this party had everything for people who like water. No one got bored here, regardless the age: the kids had fun with some toys in the little pool while the elderlies were sitting together enjoying a cool drink. Who thought to bring a picnic could relax and enjoy a nice dinner while watching the people in the pools. All of this in the middle of the city Valencia, but it appeared to be another world.

The language students took the opportunity to get listen to Spaniards talk and to hold conversations with them to improve their Spanish. Just like this the knowledge of the language grew a little more without even realizing it. In the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia the students do not simply sit in the classroom and study vocabulary, here the students get to experience the real Spanish life, meet Spaniards and go to a Hawaiian party!

One after another the students went back to their homes in Valencia, to have good night’s sleep and let the experiences and impressions settle.

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