lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

Language competition – Hungary hails for a trail of strength in Spanish

Language school in Valencia supports Hungarian people who are interested in the Spanish language.

Valencia. Testing the Spanish skills and at the same time having the opportunity to win a free week of language course and staying in a Spanish host family is now possible. Together with FEDELE the Spanish embassy in Hungary established a Spanish competition. During the whole month of September people all over Hungary can compete in this national competition. The drawing of the two winners will take place at the end of October. The price will be a language vacation which will proceed in the spring of 2017.

FEDELE is the Federal association of Spanish quality schools in Spain. Those schools have been examined by the Spanish Cervantes Institute and cooperate closely with the Ministry of Tourism.
There is nothing to lose but the price is a big incentive for everyone who is interested in languages. Who travels to a foreign country to learn the language there, will not only learn grammar or vocabulary but also gain experiences which are very different from those experienced at home. Here new friends can be found from all over the world, culture will not only be seen but also lived and the opportunity to completely dive in to it is given – to live the life of a typical Spanish family is a dream of many.

Many language schools participate and provide their schools as one of the locations for the price, which makes the competition possible in the first place. One of such Spanish language schools is the Costa de Valencia, which is located close to the University of Valencia with a perfect connection to the city center and the beach.

The winners will not only get excellent language course here, they can also join the variety of activities offered by the school; getting to know new friends and Spaniards , relaxing together, discover new things or work out together. It could be just a visit to the beach of Valencia to relax or playing a game of Volleyball, it could also be the visit of the historical city center or a pleasant evening at a “cervecería” – boredom is hard to experience in Valencia.

Those and many other advantages of all language schools which participate are presented to the winners, so they can choose freely, where they want to make this unique experience.  

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