jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school and the Grand Prix of Cheste (Valencia)

The President of the Valencian Regional Government, Francisco Camps, has signed the agreement ensuring the presence of the championship in the Region of Valencia until 2016. With this contract extension, the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste becomes the first in the world to guarantee the continuity of its GPS test on the world championship calendar. The cumulative financial impact of the signing of this agreement will be 220 million Euros.
The Comunitat Valenciana Circuit, where each year thirteen major events in the world of motocycling are contested, has won awards for organizing the Best Grand Prix in 2202, 2003 and 2005 and is one of the most highly regarded racetracks by motorcycling professionals. In fact, 4,482,233 fans have visited the circuit, and in just in one season alone, over half a million people visited it.
The Grand Prix in the Region of Valencia, which is held every year in November in Cheste (Valencia), is the championship which welcomes the greatest number of visitors in the World Championships. A total of 120,000 spectators come to watch the races on the circuit an over 200,000 visit the circuit over the entire weekend.
The President affirms that the Grand Prix represents a huge window for the Region of Valencia onto the world and is guarantee of success for any brand wishing to invest in sporting events: 207 countries broadcast images of the event and 337 million households worldwide follow the World Championships.
For the last Grand Rpix held, the circuit organised a force of 2,300 people and over a thousand officials to handle security. As well as employing 600 track marshals.
Since opening in 1999, the Cheste circuit has generated 3,960 jobs and has had an economic impact of 426.51 million Euros, which is seven times the investment. For each Grand Prix, the repercussion on the surrounding area amounts to more than 44 million per year.
The school of Spanish Costa de Valencia, escuela de español will visit this kind of activities. If you want more information, you can visit the web page of our school of Spanish or directly our free time activities program.
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