viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school and the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia


Today, everything has started; today we will know who is going at the first place on the 33 America’s Cup, although everything could change. As I told you before, the wind will be their best ally or their worst enemy and everything will depend on how the crew will get by on the sea.

On Monday, the first race should have started, but because of the lack of wind, the event couldn’t began, for that, the first race was moved to Wednesday, however, on Wednesday there was too much wind and the organisers were afraid if someone gets hurt, so the first date for start the race will be moved to today, Friday 12th February (see the fotos of the visit of our Spanish language school Costa de Valencia to the Port Amercica’s Cup).

The catamarans were in their places, 8 miles in front of Burriana and waiting for the Committee’s explanations to know when the competition will begin. The Committee has moved many times the top mark to find the best positions at the sea, like that; the catamarans won’t suffer any break. Finally, at 2.30pm roughly, the vibrating competition has started.

Fortunately, today the nature has given us a truce. This afternoon we’ll know who has been the winner of this battle, although we would have to wait few days to know who will win the war, and therefore which team will have the cup on their country.

Even so, the AC Park in Valencia continues working, and everybody who is on the America’s Cup Port are enjoying thanks to the animation. Moreover, Zennttric concert was a success; people enjoyed a lot and had lot of fun. Tonight Pollock concert is scheduled, Valencian rock group, you have to go!

On the other hand, and as I think everybody knows, MTV WinterFest is this Saturday, a concert with mass audience that you can’t miss. Costa de Valencia, escuela de español has organised an activity to go everybody together and, for sure, we will have fun.

Are you going to miss it?

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