viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español and the Fallas festival

Looking forward to celebrate the Fallas

Valencia is nervous, restless, we are feeling something approaching. The city is getting more beautiful everyday, its streets are lighting while the last preparations finish. The Falleras are overflowing with happiness as they are feeling close their fiesta, the musicians practice with excitement to flood the town with their music and all the people in Valencia are getting ready for the noisy firecrackers which are going to be present in the city during two weeks.

In a month Valencia will not be the same city as always; every place is different because of the large Fallas that are in the streets and even the sky is different: the fireworks light the nights up everyday. You can feel the smell of gunpowder and flowers everywhere in the town because the fireworks, mascletàs and thousands of flowers that are dressing our Virgin. These days Valencia is a multicultural city, you will find people from the entire world.

Everything starts on February 28th, the Torres de Serrano won’t be as usual, an acrobatic performance, a speech delivered by the mayor of Valencia, the excitement of the Principal Falleras of Valencia and in front of this the San José Bridge crammed with people singing and dancing celebrating the beginning of the Fallas. Here it is, this is the Cridà!

From that Sunday, we will be all nervous waiting for the March 15th to start enjoying the Fallas. Four strenuous days are waiting us, save energy because the Fallas means walk, sign, eat, drink and of course enjoy! We will have mascletàs in the Town Hall Square, fireworks displays in the Turia River, the “procession” with flowers to the Virgin of the Desamparados, selling points with chocolate and churros everywhere in the streets. Of course our Spanish School Costa de Valencia doesn’t forget this dates and we are preparing special activities like a paella contest on March 17th and 18th, so if you are a good chef and you feel like cooking a real Paella Valenciana, don’t hesitate to come.

Valencia is waiting for you, countdown started…

Here you can find more information about our free time activities

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