lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español and the America's Cup

33rd America’s Cup

Valencia’s port has been busy this weekend with the opening of the 33rd Amercia’s Cup. Not only Valencians and Spanish people attended this event but also many people coming from other countries.

We could find people of all ages enjoying with the different activities that organizers had prepared in order to provide entertainment for the spectators. Children could enjoy this Sunday with the funny dramatizations, painting their faces with their favorite teams’ colors and flags and singing and dancing with the music.
Adults could enjoy too with the animation that involved the entire event as clowns, dancers, and they could also taste different varieties of dishes as the typical Valencian Paella but also typical dishes form other countries.

Later on, at one o’clock as was to be expected there was an amazing Mascleta. Although spectators had to wait like an hour, the Mascleta covered the sky with different colors and smoke.

After this Mascleta, people could eat in the different places located in the port. There were American Hamburgers, Swiss Raclettes… but without a doubt the most famous dish was Paella. Two giant paellas were cooked by specialist cookers and after a long queue, spectators could taste a great plate of Paella for only 5e. All the money that organizers collected was for Haiti.

The 33rd America’s Cup is going to be in Valencia’s Port during the whole week so if you want to enjoy this activities and experience this exciting competition don’t hesitate and visit Valencia’s Port.

Barbara Cortes Martinez

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