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Studying Spanish whilst enjoying the Maritime Holy Week in Valencia

The students of a Spanish language institute from all over the world get to know the Valencian traditions.

Valencia. During Easter the students of a Spanish language institute, dedicated to the teaching of Spanish for foreigners, can enjoy the Maritime Holy Week in Valencia while they study Spanish. This way, they can combine their course of Spanish with the knowledge of the Valencian culture and traditions in a funny and different way.

During April, the students of a Spanish language institute can live one of the most representative festivities of Valencia as any other person from the city: the Maritime Holy Week. The Cabanyal quarter becomes the scenario of this tradition, and the students doing a course of Spanish can be part of it.

At the beginning of April, the pregón of the festivity is the act which represents the beginning of the Holy Week celebrations in the Cabanyal quarter in Valencia. From this moment on, the students who come to Valencia to study Spanish can not only enjoy the typical processions of this festivity, but also the great climate of the city, the company of the other students in the course of Spanish, and the different acts which complement the processions and the religious rites.

In Valencia the Holy Week is celebrated in a special way. Some of the acts are a bit different from what is usual to do in the rest of Spain. The Silence procession is a good example of that: during the procession, the neighbors through basins and pans away to the street as a signal of their grief, while the cofrades walk in absolute silence. Also the Savior Christ procession, which is very special for Valencian people because it is the patron of the Valencian sailors, and they profess so much devotion to it. The students who come to the city to learn Spanish in a Spanish language institute will be able to enjoy these processions together with their classmates and friends.

Spanish language institute Costa de Valencia offers to their students the possibility of enjoying the Holy Week, as well as many other cultural and leisure activities, while they study Spanish. Now the good weather is coming, it is the best moment to enjoy your course of Spanish while you know the culture of Valencia.

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