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Get your official diploma of Spanish DELE in Valencia!

The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) is the only official title to prove the knowledge of the Spanish language

Valencia. The DELE (initials in Spanish for Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), a title which is processed by the Cervantes Institute, is the only official prove the knowledge of the Spanish language. Each year thousands of people are examined worldwide for this diploma. In addition, Spanish is nowadays one of the most studied and requested languages all around the world, due to its importance and the great number of countries in which it is used. Also the students who come to Valencia to study Spanish in one of the Spanish language institutes have the possibility of getting this very important title.

In many Spanish language schools the possibility to get the DELE is offered. The students have the opportunity of doing a Spanish course with accredited teachers who prepare them in the best way to make them pass the DELE exam.

While they learn Spanish in an academy in Valencia, the students can join different sociocultural activities in order to know the culture and people of the city. If they can also officially prove the knowledge they have acquired during their stay in the city, the courses offered by the Spanish language institute Costa de Valencia are the best way to take profit of their language holiday.

Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school is a Spanish language institute, dedicated to the teaching of Spanish for foreigners. The school is recognized by the Cervantes Institute as an Accredited Center by the Cervantes Institute for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, and it is part of the Net of Cervantes Institute Associated Centers.

This year, as well as the past one, this language institute located in the city center of Valencia, offers to their students, and also to everyone who wants to, the possibility of getting the DELE. Moreover, with its courses of Spanish and the numerous sociocultural activities it organizes, your language holiday in Valencia will be something you will not want to forget.

Get informed about the next tests and get you DELE title in Valencia!

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