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Learning Spanish whilst enjoying is possible! Spanish course and cultural activities in Valencia

Learning Spanish in an enjoyable way is possible with the combination of a Spanish course and diverse cultural activities. During a week the students of a Spanish school can learn Spanish in an incredible city like Valencia and know its culture

Students from all over the world choose Valencia as a destination to learn Spanish, not only for its climate or gastronomy, but also because of the different activities that a Spanish school organizes to complement its language course. So, groups of students come with their teachers to Valencia to enjoy a week-long language course, as well as to get to know the city and to put into practice all that they have learnt in class.

The best way to learn a language is to practice it in the place where it is spoken. If the objective is to study Spanish, Valencia offers endless possibilities for groups of students that wish to spend a week learning the language and also whilst enjoying a favorable climate, a unique gastronomy and a warm, friendly and upbeat atmosphere.

During the week the opportunities to learn Spanish are almost endless: there are guided tours through the historical center of Valencia, within which famous landmarks such as the Miguelete or ‘La Lonja de la Seda’ are visited; gymkhanas or photo rallies, where the students put to test their knowledge of the Spanish language; visits to museums such as the MUVIM or the Fine Arts Museum; or all-day trips to the City of Arts and Sciences, among others.

And not only can the students learning Spanish enjoy all these trips and visits within the city, the teachers who come with them can also enjoy an incredible week, full of activities and unforgettable experiences together with their students in an atmosphere that only a city like Valencia can offer.

In addition, both  the students on the Spanish course and also the teachers can come together to participate in other regular activities offered by the Spanish school during the week, such as tapas, salsa classes, football matches, paellas, etc.
Also during the weekends the students can enjoy the Villar del Arzobispo carnival, paella competitions during Fallas or they can participate in the Campanar festival, among many other activities. In this way, meeting people from all over the world also represents a great way to lean Spanish, whilst integrating into the school and, of course, into the Valencian way of life.

The team of teachers, activity guides, secretaries and other employees of the Costa de Valencia Spanish language school will make the stay an unforgettable experience for any group and they will, without doubt, want to relive it. Therefore, learning Spanish and enjoying oneself in Valencia for a week is possible!

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