martes, 27 de julio de 2010

A day in Xativa

This is my 3rd week in Valencia. I’m attending a Spanish crash course here and besides I’m joining lots of extracurricular activities to get to know the Spanish culture better.
Last Saturday the language school organized a trip to Xativa. As I didn’t know a lot about this place, I decided to join it. It really looked beautiful, an old town with a medieval atmosphere.
We started on Saturday and the sun was already shining hot. We went by train and it took us less than an hour to get to Xativa. Once we had arrived, we went up to the old castle and as we’ve managed the steep incline we enjoyed the spectacular scenery of the town.
As the people I was travelling with came from many different countries, we were mainly talking in Spanish.
After a short break we went to the old town. Due to its many historical buildings it is under a preservation order. It was brilliant, because with all the narrow lanes and ancient buildings it felt like going back in time, back to the Middle Ages. I wish, I could have stayed there a bit longer, but unfortunately it was time to go back to Valencia. I used the last couple of minutes to take some pictures of the castle and the city during sunset.
Well, I can only recommend this trip to all of you, especially when you’re interested in the Spanish culture and want to practice the language.

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