martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Spanish language school from Valencia visits the Cueva Tallada and the Fiesta “Bous a la mar”

Valencia. The sun is shining; summer presents itself from its most beautiful sides and everybody is anxious to do something active – but how can you fully savor the weekend?
The language students of a Spanish language school in Valencia did not have to think long, because they went on a trip to Denia, Alicante. There they hiked to the marvelous cave “Cueva Tallada” which is located at sea level. Although the way to the cave was hot and exhausting, at the end it completely paid off: a hidden grotto awaited them there, which is located directly at the sea and half flooded, but with enough dry spots to leave the personal things before refreshing oneself in the cool water.

The jump in the cold water was definitely worth it, not only had the language students a lot of fun swimming together with swimming goggles they could witness a variety on fish. Who had bread could even lure them close and even touch one. This was an extraordinary experience for the students, who came from all over the world – an experience which they did not know from their daily life.

One after another they went back on land to enjoy a snack together. With fruits, Bocadillos and nuts they gathers more energy for the way back, but the day was not over yet.

As the students arrived back at the bus they shared their newly made experiences with each other in Spanish and drove to the Cabo de San Antonio. Here they witnessed a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean and the city Javea which was the next stop for the group. Everyone took a lot of pictures which could only partly meet the demands of the reality: to experience this you have to come to Valencia as a language student.

As soon as all pictures were taken the bus brought the group to the heart of Javea. Here they were about to experience an event which you can only find in Spain: the “Bous a la mar”. This event is best explained with the long term Spanish tradition of bull fights.  In a small arena young and courageous Spaniards tried to lure the bull in the water with colorful cloths and wild gestures. It was a fast back and forth in which the men had to jump in the cold water way more often.
At some point even the animal was fed up and jumped after the matador in the water. Here the language students could witness firsthand how the Spaniards helped the bull to get out of the water. Although it is the aim of the “Bous a la mar” to get the animal to jump into the water, it needed help getting on land again because it could not swim for a long time.

After the first round the students went to a big booth where fresh sea food and fish was prepared in front of their eyes. From squid over prawns to sardines everything was offered what the students wanted – and this entire good flavor to very reasonable prices! Here the language students could savor from all the advantages of the Spanish culinary culture and experience everything. What other time you have access to such a variety of well-made food?

As the night went on the students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia gathered one after another to go together back home to Valencia. In the bus most of the students already fell asleep, completely exhausted from such an exciting day which offered everything: a hike, joined swimming, diving with fish, a bull fight at the sea and a Spanish Fiesta – all this in one day will not be experienced often. 

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