martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Spanish soccer up close and at first hand

Spanish language students witness the introduction of a new player, a fan meeting and a league match of the Valencia CF

Valencia. Munir – most young Valencians know this name. It is the name of a junior player who raises all hopes and is full of talent and ambition. Since Wednesday even language students of a Spanish language school know of him because they were offered the opportunity to witness the introduction of named player.

In the midday sun Spanish soccer fans and language students gathered in the Mestalla Stadium, a place where many players already performed brilliant achievements. But today Munir El Haddadi was the main attraction; a player who just switched from Barcelona to the Valencia CF. A reproduction of his biggest successes displayed on two big screens marked the beginning of the event following the students had the opportunity to witness a Spanish interview with the player. At the end the professional soccer player proved his abilities by shooting primed soccer balls into the spectator terraces. Here not only children’s arms went into the sky trying to catch a ball and the language students were able to witness the spectacle of the Spanish soccer first hand. 

Thursday night another unique opportunity to learn more about the Valencian soccer opened up for the Spanish language students. The school’s fan club PV international invited students of the language school to a fan meeting in the clubhouse of the stadium. For the start of the season the club also invited a special guest: the sports director of the Valencia CF Jesus Garcia Pitarch. After a joined dinner the students were able to briefly introduce themselves, exchange some words and take a picture with the former player of the VCF.

On Sunday things got serious because the game Valencia CF – Real Betis took place. At 4 P.M. the visitors whistled from all sides to support their team. With a score of 0:2 and one red card it did not look good for the home team but the Valencia CF fought with the fans to tie the score. Fans and language students were very happy, but the joy was not supposed to last. The mood was on its highest point when something happened, which could not have been foreseen: in the last minute Real Betis scored the winning goal.

Like this a week of soccer ended in Valencia. Even the normally not so soccer enthusiastic language students of the language school Costa de Valencia were overwhelmed from all the different impressions made in the past few days – Spanish soccer up close and at first hand. 

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