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Immersing oneself in to another world as an Spanish language student – the Oceanografic in Valencia

Language students know: connecting a language vacation with visits of touristic attractions is very easy

Valencia. Valencia is home to many attractions which make the city to a very special vacation destination. The beach and park help to completely let loose and relax but the mind will not get bored here either. This city offers fantastic opportunities to complete a language vacation in a Spanish language school, where the students not only learn the language but also get to see some really nice things. Of course you can visit the attractions yourself but isn’t it more fun to do so with a group of nice people with similar interests and a guide who knows Valencia? Hence learn Spanish and its everyday figure of speech effortlessly and with joy.

Who visits Valencia will definitely have heard of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is a building complex of the modern times which is not only impressing on the outside, but also on the inside.

Amongst other things the Oceanografic is located here; it is the largest aquarium of Europe. Thousands of people and families come each year to discover the unknown world of the deep waters. Going there during a vacation in Valencia is a Must-See for everyone who likes the nature and is interested in animals. Taking a trip there with the language school makes the visit even better because a group of students gets discounts.

When entering the aquarium the visitor already gets welcomed by the world of fish. In the reception building are many information points with maps, some souvenir shops and the first fish tanks. In the background plays relaxing music to give the visitor enough time to look around. All over are additional information boards to learn more about the specific animals, here and there little anecdotes give even more information and also arouse interest with the children.

During the day you may start with a tour through the Mediterranean area to discover this part of the sea following going outside to experience the world of birds. In a huge round cage are many different species to discover which live by or in the sea but also are able to fly. And so it goes on and in the end there was more to marvel than you can remember: beings from the Red Sea, the Antarctic, the oceans, different tropic and South American islands and much more. All this combined in one place: Valencia.

 You can also find a house of butterflies here and of course the “Delfinario” which is the main attraction for most of the visitors. Many dolphins live here and when coming on the right time you can even witness the feeding or a show. This is not only fun for children; it also brings a lot of joy to adults.

Although there are some restaurants and little shops which secure the visitor to be fully taken care of but the animals stand always in the center. There are writings concerning the problems of the environmental pollution and global warming all over the place. Additional awareness is being projected with videos, which transmit the message that nature does not need mankind but mankind needs the nature and therefore humans should treat it right.

All in all the Oceanografic is a destination for the whole day and who does not like to go alone and also wants to improve their Spanish skills is welcomed to go with the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia – where group trips are being organized to share the fun of the day with nice people. Who has the opportunity to go should not miss it because the Oceanografic is unique in Europe.  

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