martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Carnival in Rafelbunyol – high spirits in costumes

Spanish language students used the night and joined the Spaniards in costumes

Valencia. Carnival in September sounds crazy for some people because usually the end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time of other celebrations. 
But the Spanish language students of a language school in Valencia could experience that no special month is needed to dress up and celebrate. In Rafelbunyol, a little community close to Valencia the carnival usually takes place in the first week of September. Therefore also the students went on their way: dressed up under the motto Romans and Greeks the group made a pretty picture. International and cultural mixed but still as one – and full of high spirits.

With a few alcoholic beverages the students got to know each other in Spanish closer. Just like this fun was guaranteed and as the night went on the streets were filled with disguised people therefore also the language students went on their way to the main location.

With good, Spanish music and an exciting night ahead of them the group went under the masses and celebrated with the Spaniards. At the square in front of the city hall played a live band and for this special occasion even the metro went all night long from Valencia to Rafelbunyol and back to bring all party people back home safely. It was a unique experience for the language students from all over the world. Here they could celebrate with the local Spaniards and experience the carnival and nightlife of Valencia first hand, all this thanks to the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia.

At some point even the language students were exhausted from all the different impressions made while dancing till their feet hurt and went back home. Tired they fell into their beds to keep on celebrating in their dreams because the Carnival of Rafelbunyol is a party which cannot be forgotten easily. 

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