viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

A group of German students learn Spanish in Valencia.

Students of Spanish language from Germany spend a week full of lessons, cultural and sport activities

Valencia. Spend a week in the city of Valencia learning Spanish is an unique experience especially for some German students that spent the last week in the city of Valencia to learn Spanish. They arrived from a Nordic winter time and enjoyed a lot the Mediterranean weather where the sun shines almost the whole year.

The academies of the Spanish languages for foreigners in Valencia offer an extended variety of activities where the students of Spanish can enjoy the city and practise Spanish at the same time. The students can enjoy tasting a nice paella plate or visiting the City of Arts and Sciences. During the week, at the Spanish language schools, students don’t only dedicate their time to study but to do some extra daily activities to know better every corner of the city, have fun and practise Spanish language.

The group of Spanish students from the centre of Germany enjoyed a lot this opportunity. After the first Spanish lesson on monday, their first activity of the week was a guided tour to the old town of Valencia, where the students of the language school Costa de Valencia, had the chance to learn about the history of the emblematic buildings of Valencia.

Carrying on with the activities and trying to know a bit more about the city, the school of Spanish language organized a visit to the port and one of the most popular beaches of Valencia. The students enjoyed the sea and the sun and were able to know better the sport facilities of the international events celebrated in Valencia like the America’s Cup with the Veles e Vents building and the Street Circuit of the European Grand Prix of Formula 1.

The Spanish language students from Germany enjoyed as well a nice day in the Albufera’s natural park where they took a boat trip to see the traditional Valencian landscape. Thanks to the Vela Latina association of Catarroja, Valencia, the group participated in the activities organized for the World Wetlands Day.

Another activity that couldn’t be missed was the visit to the city of Arts and Sciences with the Oceanographic, where the students can learn about sciences in an easy way and get some knowledge of the main marine ecosystems of our planet.

The school of Spanish language offers as well another kind of activities to know about the Spanish culture like Bullfighting and Fallas.  The activities are focused on lectures, conferences and visits to the museum. Sport activities are also offered, like the visit to the Football Stadium Mestalla, where the students of Spanish language enjoyed and had fun watching a match were the local team of the city played.

Definitely, the German students learnt Spanish language and enjoyed as well the Spanish culture in a week full of unforgettable experiences in Valencia.

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