martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Sailing course

Last Friday it was finally time for my first sailing course. We, so 7 students from a Spanish language school and me, met at half past 6 pm at the harbour of Valencia.

When I saw the sailing boats, I was surprised about the size, as I didn’t expect them to be that big.

Then the group was divided into 2 groups, so 4 people for one boat. As all provisions have been made, we went on board and sat down. We were given a short introduction by our sailing teacher. Now we were finally ready to start and clapped on the main sail. Beside the main sail there is another one which we didn’t use that day, because the wind was too strong, so it would have been a risk of security.

It didn’t take us long to leave the harbour behind us and we were sailing high seas.

From now on we were given the starboard.

Our sailing teacher told us different possibilities how to use the wind most efficiently. It was so much fun. Due to the strong wind the waves were quite

high and we got wet, especially those like me who were sitting in the front of the boat. After 2 hours the funny trip was already over and we entered harbour. We got back and luckily no one fell into the water.

Finally I was on firm ground again, but everything was still swaying.

All in all we all enjoyed this trip and would like to recommend this amazing experience to all of you.

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