miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Students who learn Spanish are encouraged by San Antonio’s bonfire to keep on learning the language.

Students from a Spanish school in Valencia participate in Vilanova d’Alcolea’s feast.

Valencia. Students from all over the world are studying Spanish in Valencia. Most of them choose a school which is in the heart of the city. The school is recognised by Instituto Cervantes and the students not only improve their knowledge but also put it into practice.

It is offered a great range of socio-cultural activities which are daily updated in the programme. Students participate in different activities everyday such as visiting museums, cinemas, shops, beaches, attending conferences, festivals and trips.

Last weak students went to San Antonio de Vilanova d’Alcolea feast. There were many bonfires located in the narrow streets of the town. In this feast, the citizens go through the fire riding a horse. They wear the typical clothes; all the people who participate in this feast walk behind them.

The students from the Spanish school participate with the rest of the citizens and other participants as was expected. They had a really good time, despite of seeming a dangerous activity. The flames and the high smoke represented a hazard but everybody was equipped in advanced. Everybody went to the church in the town before the parade. The priest blessed the horses, the riders and the participants in order to protect them from the possible danger.

To conclude, the riders went around the town square while all the people were clapping; the students who learn Spanish were very enthusiastic.

The person in charge of the Spansih school, Costa de Valencia, Andreas Tessmer, said: “This kind of amazing activities encourage the students to keep on studying the Spanish language!”

After the parade, the party came. Youngsters and elder people, riders, the citizens, outsiders and of course all the students from the Spanish school in Valencia laughed and danced together till the very end of the night. They had lots of fun before getting on the bus to come back to Valencia.

Although everybody loves the parties, we can not forget that the students are in Valencia in order to learn Spanish; they had to go to school On Monday in the morning.

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