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Corpus Christi in Valencia, original and surprising

In 1263 the Pope Urbano IV instituted the feast of Corpus Christi through the bull, spreading throughout Christendom. The fame and popularity of the Rock and the party itself quickly spread to Europe, but with the pass of the years many elements of this rooted tradition of Valencia has being lost.

Between the 50s and 60s, a group of Valencians decided to restore the splendor of the Procession of Corpus in its beginning. From this moment Les Banderoles, Els Nanos, the Capella de les Roques will go with the dances of the Moma and the Momos, Els Caballets, La Mangrana, Els Arquets, Els Pastorets, the Vetes of Sueca, the Guerrera de Titaguas and the dances recently recovered Els Llauradors and Els Turcs.
The Cabalgata del Convite is held Sunday in the morning, 10th June. At 12.00 pm this particular and rooted parade starts from the Plaza de Manises to continue along the Calle Caballeros to the beautiful Plaza de la Virgen, where the Cathedral of Valencia. Continues to the Plaza de la Reina stopping by Micalet Street, until reaching the Avellanas street and from this, to l'Almoina Square to finish at the Palau.

The procession of Corpus takes place in the afternoon and goes through Plaza de Virgen, Knights Street, Plaza del Tossal, Bolsería, the Lonja, the streets Maria Cristina and San Vicente and the Plaza de la Reina, the Mar street, Avellanas, and the Palau to reach the Plaza de la Almoina.

Discover the historic city centre of Valencia in Corpus Christi.

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