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In times of crisis, invest in training - New Teacher Training Course Spanish as Foreign Language (E/LE)

A new course in teaching Spanish as a foreign language for teachers

Valencia. Even the Faculties of Philology, Translation, etc.. and Schools of Education and other institutions do not provide a special ELE training for teachers in their curriculum. In the last decade there has been a big increase of people who want to teach Spanish as a foreign language, but till now there is a lack of specific trainings for specialized teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). The only possibility for those who wish to focus their training on teaching Spanish as a foreign language, are courses offered by various institutions, such as the Institute Cervantes or its network of accredited centres.

A Spanish language academy in the city of Valencia will offer a special course for Spanish teachers. The course will be held by teachers of Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school with a long experience in teaching Spanish as foreign language.

Costa de Valencia, Spanish school, can provide a long experience in both teaching and the training of new teachers. The workshops will address all the contentious issues that may occur to the teachers in the classroom: how to address the cultural component, what to do to promote the student’s interaction, where are the main problems in grammar for foreigners and how to deal with them in class , etc.

The Academy is an accredited center of the Institut Cervantes. The most important aim of this course is, to provide the participants with basic methods and techniques for an successful teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

For this reason, the course addresses Spanish teachers who want to improve their teaching skills whether they are Spanish or not or whether they are Spanish Philology students who are just completing their studies.

The participants of the Teacher Training course Spanish as foreign language also have the possibility to attend an internship at Costa de Valencia. The growing interest in the ELE course makes it possible to offer it five times per year, starting the next one in this month of December

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