martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Learning Spanish in Valencia while enjoying soccer games and “correfuegos”

A group of international students join Valencia CF soccer games and local festivals while having Spanish lessons.

Valencia. Learning Spanish in Valencia doesn’t mean just turning up for the lessons and going home to do homework. Learning Spanish in Valencia is much more: it’s not only having lessons and studying (which is necessary to learn any language, of course), but also hanging around with the classmates and the Spanish teachers. It definitely means having a good time.

In this respect, this week was a special week. Valencia CF has joined the Champions League and the students of Costa de Valencia, Spanish Language School, could attend the match against the Schalke 04 German team.

There was a feeling of festivity in the air and even the German students from our school supported Valencia CF. They even sang the team supporting songs! The students had an opportunity to add some colloquial Spanish words to their knowledge, above all, at the end of the game, when Raul, an ex Real Madrid player, scored the impressive goal.

The soccer game was the main activity of the week, but not the only one. On Friday evening, the students enjoyed a fire demonstration in honour of the virgin, in Campanar. This action, the “correfuegos”, shows the love that Valencian people have for fire and gunpowder.

For Costa de Valencia, Spanish Language School, these activities are part of the day to day programme of activities. The daily activities include all kind of visits, from downtown guided tours, museums and night walks to have a different point of view of the city, to the participation in beach soccer tournaments or local festivals. There are already some groups to be part of the paellas competition during the Fallas time.

The process of studying the Spanish language becomes an unforgettable experience, full of new impressions. This helps to achieve success while learning Spanish.

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