martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Spanish course combined with nature

Language students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia make a bicycle tour during their Spanish course in Valencia and explore the nature beach "El Saler"

Although Valencia is very fascinating with its countless cultural and architectural highlights, it is good to leave the city from time to time to spend a day in the nature of the valencian surroundings. In this respect, the valencian vicinity offers many possibilities.
Accordingly, the language students of the Spanish school Costa de Valencia did a bicycle tour to the nature beach El Saler on the past weekend.
The aim of this excursion was not only to reach the wonderful, quiet beach, but the journey was its own reward. The surrounding area of Valencia offers cyclists unique views of the scenery with pine woods, fields and lakes. Besides, the language students had many opportunities to improve their Spanish knowledge in conversations with other students during the bicycle tour and during the picnic break. The students mostly have different origins and, therefore, Spanish is often the only common language.
In this manner, they unconsciously improved their Spanish knowledge and, at the same time, they had so much fun together that the participants formed friendships rapidly. Usually these friendships even continue after the language learning holidays in Valencia.
Arriving at the beach of El Saler, many students were speechless because the sight of the apparently untouched dune scenery is extremely impressive and is one of the nicest places in Spain.
For the language school Costa de Valencia it is very important to enable its students to get such impressions beside of their language course in Valencia and to support Spanish conversation during such excursions. People who would like to get many varied impressions of Valencia and its environs beside their Spanish course are in good hands with this Spanish school.

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