martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016

The Fallas – a tradition of Valencia has now been declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Spanish language students had the chance to participate in an extraordinary event in Valencia

Valencia. Those Spanish language students that booked their holidays at the right time were especially lucky. Because they were allowed to experience the joy that occurred as Unesco announced the declaration of Fallas as Cultural Heritage. The Fallas do not only attract a mass of tourists, but also many curios Spanish people and this tradition is now officially safe in the future – certainly, this must be celebrated! The Spanish students could take part in an exciting program, established to impress the spectators and to appreciate the recent decision. It was a unique possibility for the students to see and to live the Spanish culture and the Spanish jollity.

Therefore, Valencia celebrated the whole Sunday. In the afternoon, the program started: many important persons as the president of Valencia, his vice-president and other relevant persons for the Fallas hold speeches, which was followed by an audiovisual demonstration and an impressive speech in many different languages. Additionally, a great firework display fascinated the spectators and, in particular, the language students.

For a great ending, the “Cremà” of an especially built Falla was planned. The Falla had been in public since Wednesday and should now – as the tradition says – be burned. Mostly, it is a very special event and the Spanish students were fascinated and impressed by the whole program. Normally, one can see such a burning only during the Fallas celebration in March, as they show some kind of new beginning and new hope when everything old gets destroyed.

This way, language students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia got the chance to participate in this extraordinary event. With new international friends they could follow the Spanish Fiesta and – quiet “on the go” – learn more Spanish. To conclude, a very special time for the language students!

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