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Spanish exams are coming, but if you prepare well there is no problem with that

The best way to learn a language is to spend some time abroad – which especially in Spain can be much fun!

Valencia. A levels – the one thing you work for all those years studying, a certificate that you really merit. Sometimes it seems as if it comes just too soon, and other times it seems so far away; “I still have time”. There are many reasons to procrastinate, which is no surprise: there is no doubt in the fact that sitting at your desk to learn vocabulary and grammatical rules is not appealing.

But for those who really want to be prepared perfectly, there is another alternative: Spanish language schools in Valencia offer special courses for students doing Spanish exams. There is no better way to learn a language than to spend some time in the country!

And in a good language school you do not only learn during the lessons, but also in the evening while sipping on a coke or a cup of Sangria or while eating the traditional Paella. Or maybe while learning Salsa – just as you wish! Spain and especially Valencia offer attractive activities for everyone.

The Spanish language school Costa de Valencia has developed a special program for students: In the morning they attend an intensive Spanish course with other students to improve their conversation skills and learn more about the grammar. The afternoon follows with two classes of 60 minutes to prepare specifically for the subjects of the exams. Therefore the student is requested to send some information about the subjects in advance, so the teacher does not lose time for that at the beginning of the class.

The Spanish class may focus for example on the improvement of listening or reading comprehension, the development of active or passive vocabulary or on writing different types of texts.

The preparation course for exams can start on every Monday – it though is recommendable to start as soon as possible before the exams start.

During the day, the school offers a great number of activities: Eating Tapas together or participate in a discussion in the evening, learning Salsa or watching a Flamenco show, taking the bike to go to the beach or visit the center together. And the focus is always set on the Spanish language.

To learn Spanish should be fun – that is the most important thing for us. This way, you are perfectly prepared for your exams!

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