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Spending Easter in the sun to live and learn the Spanish life

Spending the Easter holidays in a Spanish school is a perfect present for the whole family

Valencia. Easter and its holidays come soon, which also means more time for the family. Many plans are being made, and one could be to spend one week in a Spanish language school in Valencia. This way, you do not only get to see the long-missed sun, but you will also have some quite exciting days.
A Spanish course has many advantages: New friendships are made easily, you can join a great number of activities and you get to know Spain and its culture in a different way. Additionally, you learn so much more about its fascinating language that is spoken in so many countries worldwide.

Therefore, the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia offers a special program for families. Since there are many reasons to learn Spanish, it is attractive for persons of any age: working family members profit from speaking different languages in many ways, speaking with natives won’t be a problem anymore and children get the opportunity to learn a new language. This is not only important for school but also for the personal development of the child.

Because of that, here in Valencia we have special kids- and teen classes. By playing games, singing songs and doing roleplaygames, they are able to live and to discover Spanish – with success! Therefore, the content and the material are adapted to the children’s needs.

Meanwhile, the parents have intensive Spanish classes where they can gain new knowledge or train their skills. Here they get together with other students of the same language level as theirs.

They have half the day off, so they can decide spontaneously whether to participate in one of the many activities of the school (For example visits of the center, a “tapastour”, a ride on the bicycle to the beach, beach volleyball and so on).

All in all, the Spanish language program for families promises a fun and exciting week. And along the way, you learn the Spanish language – what could be a better way to do so?

To conclude, those who stay at home during Easter miss one of the best opportunities to collect some fantastic memories with the family... and to learn Spanish.

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