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Our Spanish language schools offer courses to prepare for the DELE-Exam

Getting ready for the exam by attending ambitious courses at a Spanish language school. 

Valencia. In 1988 the DELE-Exam was introduced by the governmental Instituto Cervantes in behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Education. With each year the exam grew more popular, hence now many people from different countries of the world are taking it. It is an assessment which verifies the individual Spanish language skills, at the end the participant gets an official certificate which can be used as official proof of the language knowledge.

The University of Salamanca creates and corrects the test; the Instituto Cervantes is responsible for the organization. The DELE-Certificate can be useful for the workplace as well as studies; it can also be taken for personal reasons. A certificate is valid for an indefinite amount of time. The exam can be taken in various Levels starting A1 until C2. Here the components of listening, reading, speaking and writing are being tested and will be proof of the degree of the knowledge.

But how can one prepare oneself for the exam? This question is being asked from all of the participants. The answer to this question is Spanish language schools in Spain which are specialized in preparing for the DELE-Exam.

One of said schools is our Spanish language school Costa de Valencia, which is accepted by the Instituto Cervantes as official “Centro Acreditado”. This makes it possible to register for the exam and as well take it at the school. The school also offers a three-week preparation course, which is taught by experienced professors. Most of the teachers here are not only educated in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, they are also registered DELE- Auditors, therefore knowing the exact process of an examination and the necessary material. This insures that the participants will be ready to take the exam without problems.

A residence in Spain also offers a lot of different attractions. The school offers a lot of activities in which the students can also improve their Spanish by speaking with different people. Meeting up to drink a beer, or watching a soccer game together; here everybody finds something fitting. This concept allows the students to learn Spanish in natural surroundings, which is much better than sitting in a class room at home. To be in Spain is the only way to experience the culture and the language, which makes the preparation for the DELE-Exam superior. The amount of students who finished the exam successfully will justify this assumption. It does not matter if you are young or old, beginner or advanced: here everyone will find the right place.

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