lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Learning Spanish all day

By day cooking a paella, by afternoon watching Spanish football, and by night enjoying a Spanish party- that’s how we like to study Spanish.

Valencia. A group of students from a Spanish school for foreigners had a complete program last weekend. On Friday night, after a whole week of learning Spanish at the school, they start by eating tapas in a typical Spanish bar. For the students of the language Spanish school it has been interesting to learn that “tapas” means something that companies a drink; although nowadays, most of the students use the word tapas to describe a big dinner with their friends. There is a great variety of tapas, that can be distinguished by quality and by region. The tapas not only go with beer but also with Spanish red wine or sangria. So it was not surprising that the dinner ended around 1 o’clock.

It was the perfect hour to have some drinks at any of the numerous bars and pubs. Valencia is known by its motley night life so it is not necessary to do so much effort to enjoy and end the party the next morning.

But this time they hadn’t so much time to sleep, because early in the morning they had a meeting in front of the school to go to Cheste. In this town there was a festival of cooking paella in the street. The good mood and the desire to have fun characterized the atmosphere of the whole town different groups gathered there to prepare the paellas.

Between the fire, sauting and cooking, it took five hours to prepare a paella till it had the perfect flavour. When they were serving the dishes a summer storm surprised them, so people of the town and the Spanish language students took cover in bars, garages and taverns. This led to join everyone and create a great atmosphere. It was a good moment to put in practice the Spanish learnt at the school and to meet new people.

Not all the students took the train like planed to come back to Valencia although the program wasn’t ended: there was a Spanish league match, Valencia CF vs Real Sociedad of San Sebastián. As they arrived to Valencia, the sun was shining as if it had not rained before. The match was fantastic.

At the end of the day, the students went back home, either to a flat of the Spanish language School Costa de Valencia or with a Spanish family accommodation. Classes resume next Monday and they still had to finish their homework. Although after the activities and the experience of such emotions it is clear to study Spanish in this way, for the whole day, is really fun.

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