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Students learning Spanish have an incredible time in Valencia

Language students from all around the world enjoy their stay in the Mediterranean


Valencia. Each year thousands and thousands of students learning Spanish come to the third biggest city in Spain to improve or perfect their knowledge of the Spanish language.


The Spanish language schools in Valencia offer a unique environment in which to learn Spanish: Valencia is a city rich in fascinating touristic adventures and free-time activities.


The language schools organise a varied series of free-time activities so that the students can discover Spanish and Valencian culture. In this way, the students have the perfect opportunity to practice Spanish and to be in contact with people from all over the world.


The schools offer various free-time activities not only at weekends, but every day! The Costa de Valencia language school carries out up to five activities each day, for example, trips to the historic centre of Valencia, to the beach, to “La Albufera”, a fresh water lake, salsa nights and tapas meals, etc…

Also, they carry out trips to Spain’s big cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona. In this way, the students don’t only have the opportunity to visit the tourist areas of each place, but they can also support Valencia C.F. in their football matches.

In fact, next week (1st February), the students will go to Barcelona for a fantastic day.


In addition to this, the school also participates with its students in the famous Spanish and Valencian festivals, such as “La Tomatina de Buñol” on 27th August, which is internationally known and is visited by people from all over the world.


All of these activities support the learning process and are combined with daily Spanish classes in the language schools which are recognised by the Cervantes Institute. Belonging to the network of Cervantes Institute Accredited Centres guarantees Spanish courses of a high quality, because these schools comply with the Cervantes Institute standards of quality.


For accommodation, the school recommends to stay with a Spanish host family. For those who wish to have more freedom and independence, it is possible to rent an apartment through Globexs.


Due to all of this, the students in the Costa de Valencia language school can turn their stay into something very special – into a stay that they will never forget.

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