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To study Spanish in the own country, the best international experience to prepare yourself for the future. Spanish institution and cultural exchanges, another way to achieve the objectives through experiences and  knowledge of culture.

Valencia. A Spanish school in Valencia receives with open arms a group of Norwegian students. They are willing to live an experience about a knowledge of a new culture that have been studying many years, but they never have lived it in first person.

Valencia is where they are going to live the customs from the hand of a Spanish school. The objective is the implication of these Spanish students in a dual exchange: student and cultural. As the methodology of the Spanish school with is motto: “Come, learn Spanish…and  live it!”. It goes through the experience inside of a learning that it goes beyond the academic, related to customs and daily life of a country almost totally unknown to them. They were pushed in some places and sensations worthy to admire and live. Study Spanish, is not only to be in the classroom , is to go further, to experience, to look, to touch and to feel the own culture that they are studying in the Spanish school. To learn Spanish looking beyond the classroom. Implementing all the things that they have learnt. To give another meaning to the apprenticeship and to teach to students the way of life, manners of Spanish life and culture.

Starting with a walk in the historical centre of Valencia, discovering the last squares and solitary streets that remain in Valencia. Visiting the fallero’s museum, enjoying the collection of all the “ninots indultats” that they have keep since 1934. Tasting the exquisite flavor of the original Valencian “paella” and “horchata”.

They were surprised about taurine culture. “Are you in favor or against?”-asked the responsible of socio-cultural activities of Costa de Valencia, Spanish school. It avowed by the Cervantes Institute as an accredited centre by the Cervantes Institute for Spanish teaching as a foreign language and is an integral part of the center network associated with Cervantes Institute. Discussing about this topic, they were visiting the taurine museum and as expected the opinions were divided as in all the cultures. They had fun dancing salsa and above all they enjoy and were perplexed by the different culture.

In the mornings they were studying in the Spanish school and in the afternoon putting into practice all that they had been studied but in Spanish real life and culture. To study Spanish is an incredible experience especially all that they can contemplate with their own eyes. Thing that in the classroom they cannot do.

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