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Preparation for Spanish exams

To learn Spanish intensively during one week means living a week full of unforgettable events

Valencia. For many students it is no pleasure to think about the final exams. Everything is coming so fast, and you would just prefer to forget all about it. Am I ready for this? When do I need to start to study? Will I still have leisure time? Such questions go through your head, even though it doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems at first sight.

What you can do to prepare for your final exam in Spanish, is, for example, to visit a special preparation course in Spain. Success is almost guaranteed – and most importantly: here you won’t find any sense of duty to learn Spanish You will mostly have fun while speaking and listening, because you are acquiring knowledge without even noticing. This is an easier way to study naturally.

You can start such a preparation course any time you want. Spanish language schools in Valencia offer their service during the whole year. As a student, you only need to sign up to come whenever you want.

And what should you expect to find here? Of course, a week full of intensive Spanish classes. But, at the same time, a week full of unforgettable experiences! What’s so great about a language course in a foreign country is the possibility of speaking and listening Spanish all day long. You are surrounded by new vocabulary, expressions and customs. This way, you don’t stop learning when you leave the classroom, but continue while visiting the city or going to the beach; while drinking “agua de Valencia” together or eating “tapas” in a bar; when you have salsa lessons in the evening or when you watch a Flamenco show. Valencia offers a huge range of possibilities to live the Spanish life – is there any better way to prepare for an exam?

You can find such a course in the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia. There, you combine a normal intensive Spanish course where you meet many students from all over the world, with private lessons. This course fits perfectly the standards a preparation course needs to fulfill. Here you learn all the important competences and strategies, as well as specific contents of each level, and you also get used to essential learning skills. In the afternoon and evening you can join a great range of activities, meet new people and enjoy the Spanish life – paella and sangria, agua de Valencia and salsa. Preparation for an exam yes, but by far no stress. 

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