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New video of the school presented – Learning Spanish at the Crazy Race of Valencia

Students of the Spanish language school from all over the world participated in the Crazy Race of Valencia and are the protagonists of a new promotional video


Valencia. The Crazy Race – an unforgettable and especially unusual run of eight kilometres for the Spanish students. It was not primarily about the race itself, but more about dressing up to be able to keep up with the other teams at the costume competition, as well as overcoming funny obstacles, enjoying with the other participants… and learning Spanish!


It started punctually with the starting signal. The spectators clapped and animated the runners. All participants were (still) energetic, happy and the Spanish students joined in the overall euphoria as well. From the beginning it was obvious that this was not a normal race. After a surprising shower from the neighbouring bystanders, the first obstacle came closer, or more precisely, the first mud-bath. The Spanish language students jumped as all the other runners with excitement into the pit even though the most wonderful costumes were ruined by this. In this way all the obstacles were in a row. The runners had to crawl through tubes, to pave their way through a wood full of obstacles and to crawl over as well as under monkey bars and scaffolds.


This unique event in Valencia was used by the participating Spanish language school Costa de Valencia to shoot another video that has recently been broadcasted. Besides the photos and video sequences taken by the individual participants, the material provided by Anna Kobylarz was mainly used.


Anna Kobylarz is studying audio-visual communication at the University of Valencia. She was born in Poland and is doing an internship at the Spanish school in the course of her 4-year stay in Valencia. She has used the material to edit a promotional video.


The video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0-5TQ8XViM&feature=share&list=PL4E2A75FD28AF1D64) presents us the Spanish language students from all around the world, who are just experiencing themselves that the alleged difficult language learning process can be, combined with other appealing activities such as the race and a lot of fun.


You can see at a glance that the students had an exciting, funny and especially unusual day. And despite the exertion they concerned with, it´s all about: the learning of Spanish.

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